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My name is Ryan Hogan and I’m a writer and blogger. I would very much like to write for you. My work is professional, creative, and completely original.

I look forward to working with you.


  • Have worked for Oak Web Works, a web marketing company, since 2009
  • SEO Proficient
  • Written thousands of articles that have been published on dozens of Web sites
  • Graduate of The Evergreen State College


  • “The melody of “God Save the Queen” is quintessentially British. The concept of a “queen,” or any kind of monarch, is anathema to Americans. Basically, “God Save the Queen” is as far from “Americana” as you can get.”
    >> Neil Young’s ‘Americana’ Has Too Much ‘Rule Britannia’

  • What exactly do we mean by “Las Vegas Smarts?” One might think it’s nothing more than sound advice like “don’t make proposition bets in craps,” “always split 8’s,” and “never play Keno.” While those are pearls of wisdom for the casino floor, we mean something completely different by the phrase “Las Vegas Smarts.”
    >> Las Vegas Smarts

  • NFL players are professionals. They go where the schedule tells them to go whether it’s their home field, a foreign city, or the Moon. NFL players’ jobs are to play football. If they rack up a bunch of frequent flier miles in the process so be it. – See more at: http://proplayerinsiders.com/nfl-player-team-news-features/nfl-getting-more-international-all-the-time/#sthash.SViOMbC4.dpuf
    >> NFL Getting More “International” All The Time